Are we bots?

ia consciência realidade universo

Reading the articles of the AI expert that claimed that Google's LaMDA developed sentience, I started to wonder.

It's fluency with communication is really impressive. I also never saw something like this.

But sceptics argue that ability to imitate speech is not related to consciousness. Is it not?

Usually babies develop a consciousness of being independent selves at the same time (18 months) that the ability to speak full sentences emerge.

What if language is closely related to the development of higher consciousness? If a computer develops such a skill with language, should it not develop something, at least similar, to what we call higher consciousness?

Another thought: what if our habits are programmed more or less like software routines? Or, in terms of behavior, maybe we're very similar to AI chatbots.

I'm a little sceptical about LaMDA, but would it be possible in some way? I don't know.

I'm not wondering if software is capable of basic awareness. This sounds impossible. But the idea that I am I is just an idea (who actually is this I?). This idea maybe could be "thought" by a machine, in the sense of repeating it to itself, and "processing" it. And maybe this could be called a "fake consciousness of itself".

But our sense of self is somewhat fake too. I believe that we don't have awareness also. Because who is this self that possesses awareness? Self it's just an idea, something that we repeat to ourselves. There is awareness for sure. But what is that is a much more difficult question (Bug do universoBug do universo
From Cory Doctorow's Pluralistic:

The inability to define the universe is, in the end, a feature and not a bug.

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