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I started using the IMF framework to organize my Obsidian notes (of which this site is one public directory). There's a nice tutorial about this on the Obsidian forum.

Basically, it is about creating a lot of index pages of content, so that the notes end up looking like a private wiki. On Obsidian, when there's a lot of notes and diverse topics – like diaries, quotes from books, new ideas etc – this helps a lot.

I didn't plan to make "nature" a main topic for this site, but as I read a lot about it, the first Map of Content is about that → PsicodélicosPsicodélicos
Mapa de conteúdo para "psicodélicos":

Experiências psicodélicas de Allan Watts
Tudo é mente
Experiência com 3g de Psilocybes
A Experiência Psicodélica resumida
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