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  • The Mountain in the SeaThe Mountain in the Sea
    Arte: Rafael Vallaperde

    Fazia tempo que não lia uma história de ficção científica assim, que te gruda no sofá ao mesmo tempo que instiga reflexões profundas: The Mountain in the Sea, de Ray Nayl...
  • Jung on Nature 1Jung on Nature 1
    The Earth Has a Soul, by Carl Jung, is an amazing reading for people that appreciates Jung's psychology insights and for nature lovers. I am both, so I'm reveling.

    Still at the beginning, I'm alre...
  • Jung on Nature 2Jung on Nature 2
    Finished Carl Jung's The Earth Has a Soul.

    Writing almost a century ago, Jung was already foreseeing all this destructive civilization vs nature chaos that we're into. Of course, he focus on the p...
  • Desire for meatDesire for meat
    I'm seeing a lot of claims like this: The Politics Of Protein.

    I agree with most of the arguments, but I usually end up with the impression that all this amounts to not being able to give up the d...
  • BirdingBirding
    This is a very immersive reading about birding, a dedicated and intense love for this animals and the eBird app:

    What birds can tell us about climate change.

    I'm not a birder, but I was attracted...